Mindfulness and Community

Have you ever tried to meditate? Maybe you’ve downloaded some apps, tuned in and benefited from taking this time for yourself. If so, congratulations on taking this important step! I started meditation (many years before apps) by reading about it in the one book I could find, and then trying to implement what I had just read … less than ideal. Despite my enthusiasm, my practice quickly fizzled. Fortunately, things have changed a lot these days, and one can find ample opportunities to learn and practice mindfulness. As helpful and necessary as practicing on your own can be, something is missing when we try to go it alone – that’s the lack of a supportive community. Resonating with other people on the path, meeting people in your area that share this interest, and maybe even cultivating friendships can help anchor and immerse you in the practice as you inspire and get inspiration from others. Togetherness and human connection is important in a technological world that can feel so isolated and lonely. Every Thursday evening, I facilitate practice sessions for people in Southern New Jersey who choose to be in community. Some people have been attending for years, and there is caring, openness and connection between the active participants. You are welcome to join us. And I often feel the deep connections that forge between people who take class series. I know it is an effort to carve out this time in the midst of a busy life, but the intimate connection with the self and others that can be established in this context is hard to find elsewhere. On another note, I have recently completed the three year training in Somatic Experiencing, a mindfulness based therapy that can help with symptoms such as anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia and other disturbances in the nervous system. Please contact me if you are interested in private sessions.