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Research shows that a regular meditation practice can restore emotional balance, reduce stress, and improve health and focus. Practitioners report a greater sense of well-being, contentment, and feeling of connection to others. Mindful meditation helps one awaken to the richness of each moment in life. With practice, one can become aware of habitual reactions to stressors and discover new ways of responding to life’s challenges.

Mindfulness and Compassion Drop in Sessions

A Path for Transformation and Connection

The Surgeon General recently referred to the current epidemic of isolation and loneliness as a threat to our health and emotional well-being. 

These weekly sessions offer a chance to connect with a diverse community of mindfulness practitioners seeking to live with more awareness, embodiment, compassion, purpose and openheartedness. 

If you're ready to let go of a disconnected life driven by to-do lists, stress or anxiety, please join us!

Mindfulness meditation is a path proven to change your relationship to painful emotions and stressful events and to foster compassion for yourself and others. 

Through mindfulness practice and contemplation, it’s possible to relax your physical and mental patterns of rigidity, resistance and contraction, and to enter into a state of greater openheartedness and peace. Your own evolution positively impacts those around you.

These sessions may include guided meditations, poems or inspirational readings, contemplations, discussions and sometimes, gentle movement or visualizations.

Practicing with others who have similar intentions forges deep connections. We support each other’s growth and development as we cultivate higher states of awareness and compassion. Through inner transformation, we transform the outer world.

What are the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation FAQ  

Lessons from the nest

Date: Monday evenings, ongoing
Time: 7–8 p.m.

In-Person at The Starting Point, Inc., 215 Highland Ave, Suite C, Haddon Twp, NJ  

Suggested Donation: $12. Click here to pay

Zoom: To participate through Zoom, please register and pay in advance and you will receive a meeting link.

In person participants can pay through PayPal or Venmo, or cash at the door. If you tell me that you'll be attending, I'll inform you of any last minute schedule change.

New to meditation? Please read Mindfulness Meditation Basics before attending your first class.

Private Instruction available. Please contact Lori.

Hundreds of peer-reviewed studies verify that mindfulness can reduce stress, improve attention, boost the immune system, reduce emotional reactivity, and promote a general sense of health and well-being. It is no surprise that this practice has steadily grown in popularity.

Buddhist Dharma Practice Group

Dates: Email Lori for current schedule
Time: Bi-weekly Sundays, 3 – 4:15 p.m.
Locations: Online and in-person (hybrid) in Shamong, NJ
Kindly pre-register by Saturday morning prior to each session by emailing Lori.
Cost: By donation

Through practice, discussion and the bonds that forge in community, we welcome you to gain support for your meditation practice and build relationships with others on the Buddhist path.

As we study the Buddhist view and gain wisdom through practice and teachings, we gain a clearer understanding of what leads us away from suffering and into a more joyful state.

Our community is diverse and includes both beginners and experienced meditators. We often benefit from the guidance of a Tibetan lama who has spent years in a monastery and completed a 3-year retreat. 

All are welcome, regardless of beliefs. The atmosphere of these sessions is informal, open, and warm.

You can join this group at any time, but we suggest that participants have some basic meditation experience such as focusing on the breath, the body, sounds or a visual object.

Embodiment, Connection & Wisdom of the Heart


Dr. Dan Gottliebbeloved former host of WHYY's "Voices in the Family," columnist, author, psychologist. 

Lori Volpe, Somatic Experiencing® and Mind-Body therapist, mindfulness course facilitator.

Course has ended. Join my email list to learn of upcoming courses.

Through guided meditations, reflections, dyads, journaling, and group discussions you will gain an opportunity to 

  • Explore your relationship with your body and begin living from a place of embodiment, connection to your felt sense, and the wisdom of your heart,
  • Increase self-knowledge, self-acceptance and self-compassion as you reflect on what is most important to you and what you want most,
  • Gain insight into parts and patterns that block you from getting more of what you want most and keep you stuck,
  • Be part of a community seeking to live a more meaningful life

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A sampling of comments from evaluations for other courses:

"Fantastic journey (guided) of self-discovery and spiritual development: Look forward to each new moment and day of awareness and unlearning of things from the past 15 years.  Very grateful."
– Julie S.

“I found this class awesome and life-changing.”
 – Lauren P.

“Lori was outstanding. Skeptical going in but discovered a higher purpose when finished course. Never finish growing, learning, improving." -- Steve B.

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