Transforming the World through Mindfulness and Compassion

It’s that time of year again! Our mailbox is filling with catalogs … tempting pictures of small appliances to make my life easier, holiday clothing to help me look good, fruits, nuts, and cheeses to gift to friends. One catalog’s cover even boldly announced “PEARS, LOVE and JOY.” Today’s pile of catalogs arrived along with this sobering news - 11,000 climate scientists from around the globe declared “A climate emergency that will bring untold suffering.” Do I really need another appliance to save a minute? What are my needs versus my wants? What do I value most? The answers come most into focus when I slip out of habitual pattern mode. I want to leave our children a world with food, shelter and decent schools. Communities where they can thrive without fear of violence. Where people of different races, religions and sexual orientation live together in peace. Where we have deep reverence for mother earth that sustains us. Where we live with mindfulness, compassion and openheartedness, helping to care for those that are struggling, without judgment. I believe that it’s up to you and me to shepherd this vision to fruition. It’s our responsibility, even if we might not feel like taking it. This is our moment on this Earth. How will we use it? Our presence is needed; our service is essential to turn the tide of these challenging times. If you share my vision, you don’t need to sit idly by and watch what you value slip away. Even the smallest acts can add up, when we all show up to do something. Creating peace in the world begins by nurturing peace within our own being. If you live in South Jersey, please join me for Thursday evening meditation sessions, where I hold space for those who want to live more heartfully. During these hour-long sessions, we cultivate mindfulness, compassion, and community. We support each other and let love prevail. And before we leave, we set the intention to bring our mindful, compassionate presence to those around us. Among the catalogs in the mailbox I always find letters from worthy organizations that help, but that also need our help – today Doctors without Borders, NRDC, the South Jersey Food Bank. I know where my holiday money will go. I intend to spread love and joy. And maybe along the way even offer some pears. And you?