Embodiment, Connection and Wisdom of the Heart

Connection, according to Dr. Laurence Heller, fulfills our longing to feel fully alive.

An impaired capacity for connection to self and others, and the ensuing diminished aliveness, are the hidden dimensions that underlie most psychological and many physiological problems.” L. Heller

How connected are you to yourself?

  • Do you fully inhabit your body, aware of your physical sensations and emotions as you move though the day? Or do you live most in the thinking mind, disconnected from your body?
  • Do you know what you truly want for yourself?
  • Do you know what matters most for you?
  • If you know what matters most, are you spending time and energy on what is most fulfilling?

Some of us live with a pervasive sense of disconnection, not knowing,

  • what we feel,
  • what’s most important, and
  • what would enable us to live a fulfilling life,

causing us to feel ungrounded, alienated from ourselves and others, and lacking a sense of purpose and home base.

What is blocking you from experiencing connection?

Unfortunately, we are often unaware of the internal roadblocks that keep us from experiencing the connection and aliveness we yearn for. L. Heller

In this four-week course, Dr. Dan Gottlieb and I explore the theme of connection with self, a doorway into deeper connections to others and to something greater and more profound.

We hope that this class will be a springboard into connection with others who have an interest in living a more meaningful life.

Please reserve your space now 

"Fantastic journey (guided) of self-discovery and spiritual development: Look forward to each new moment and day of awareness and unlearning of things from the past 15 years. Very grateful." – Julie S.


“I found this class awesome and life changing.” – Lauren P.


“Lori was outstanding. Skeptical going in but discovered a higher purpose when finished course. Never finish growing, learning, improving." -- Steve B.


“Please let me take one last turn at thinking you and Dan for a wonderful class. I felt like I came away with so much knowledge and passion that I had no idea I possessed. It was a real pleasure.


“A beautiful, loving four weeks together. You and Dr. Dan have left a footprint in my heart.”